Diversity is a fact that occurs in Indonesian society. Sinar Mas Land feels that diversity is a reality that must be formed through programs aimed at creating tolerance and solidarity. The unite diversity program includes religious, sports and social bonding programs.

  • Religion
  • Sinar Mas Land sees that one way to unite the diversity of society is through religion. Through Yayasan Muslim Sinar Mas Land, religious diversity is an important value created around the company. The Brantas Buta Al-Quran (BBQ) Program, Buka Puasa Bersama, Pembagian Hewan Qurban and Social Service Cross-organization in collaboration with the Buddhist Foundation Tzu Chi. These programs are part of unite diversity within the company both internally and externally.

  • Sports
  • Diversity can also be united through sports. We have two programs in sports, such as Sinar Mas Land Mencari Juara and donation/sponsorship. Sinar Mas Land Mencari Juara is a children's training program for badminton that is trained directly by Chandra Wijaya. The children who received the training scholarship were selected from several schools visited. Through Sinar Mas Land Mencari Juara, elementary school-age children are trained for one full year, to become professional badminton players.