Sinar Mas Land acknowledges that education is one of the most important prerequisites for the sustainable development of our society. We facilitate by providing educational opportunities through 2 types of programs, which is formal and informal.

With a good education, people will be able to achieve the welfare they aspire to. The education programs carried out by us include formal and informal education.


Formal education focuses on providing assistance to underprivileged students so they can continue their education. This educational support provided by Sinar Mas Land includes school and University scholarships, Gerakan Sekolah Menyenangkan (GSM), and support with the provision of facilities or sponsorships for schools.


There are two informal support provided by Sinar Mas Land to the community, such as coding scholarships and education centers in Rumah Pintar.

In coding scholarships, Sinar Mas Land chose the people around BSD who were lacking in economic terms (underpriviledged communities) and helped them by take coding classes in order to compete in getting a job in the company. Coding scholarships focus on learning such as Javascript, PHP, Laravel, & Andoid. 85% have worked in state-owned IT companies (BUMN) or worked in other private companies. This coding scholarship is working with Techpolitan and has reached batch 6 (as of March 2020).