Sinar Mas Land Distributes Aid to Islamic Schools in South Tangerang and Tangerang Regency

BSD City, September 22, 2021 ーEvery school needs proper infrastructure to support its learning and teaching activities. As a Corporate Social Responsibility’s (CSR) support for education, Sinar Mas Land, through its PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk., distributed necessary infrastructure such as establishing school health services (UKS), sanitation facilities, providing cleaning utensils, composter and gardening utensils to 16 schools and Islamic schools (madrasah) in South Tangerang and Tangerang Regency. It was held for nearly a week from September 20 to 24, 2021.

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This year, the company has delivered reliefs to schools and Islamic schools, which are under the BSD City’s CSR program of creating positive, healthy, green, and innovative schools known as Program Sekolah Berhati, in both areas.

In South Tangerang, there were six schools receiving the support namely MI Al-Khairiyah, MI Takhdzibul Athfal, SMPN 20, MTs/SMK An-Nashihin, MI Mathlaul Anwar, and MI Nurul Falah Muncul. Meanwhile in Tangerang Regency, ten schools enjoying such aid were SDN Cicayur, SMKI Insan Mulia, SMPI/MA Nurul Falah Pagedangan, MA Yapin Cihuni, MI Yabika, SDN Saga 6, SMPI Nurul Fitri, SDN Cikupa 3, SDN Panongan 3, and SDN Serdangkulon 3.

CSR Head of BSD Sinar Mas Land, Maria Chatarina Octaviana S. P. has said this is how the company appreciates those schools and Islamic schools for applying and implementing Program Sekolah Berhati. “The relief distribution is aligned with Sinar Mas Land’s vision to support and help the community, in this case those who need such infrastructure. Our reliefs represent the company’s concrete and active action in improving the educational quality of BSD City and beyond.”

Sekolah Berhati is a part of Program Bina Sekolah initiated by BSD City’s CSR division for education since March 2021. It supports positive, healthy, green, and innovative values.

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