Digital Hub and Teman Startup Deliver StartHub Webinar to Support Local Startup Ecosystem

BSD City, July 15, 2021 — Indonesia has plenty of startup companies. Based on the data released by in 2021, Indonesia ranks fifth with its 2,251 startups following the US, India, UK, and Canada. However, many local creativepreneurs still need support and guidance so they can start their own businesses or startups.

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Sinar Mas Land never stops supporting digital innovations, especially with the development of Digital Hub, an area in BSD City dedicated to the community, education centers, startups, and multinational companies in digital technology. Today, the major technology companies such as NTT, Traveloka, and Apple Developer Academy have enjoyed the physical infrastructure and facilities development. There are also special activities for the community and startups presented by Sinar Mas Land with its Digital Hub Next Action (DNA).

To do so, Sinar Mas Land has worked with renowned partners in digital technology startups. One of them is Teman Startup which gains popularity thanks to its social media publications on digital startups. With Teman Startup, Sinar Mas Land held ‘StartHub’, an event to encourage the young generation to build technology-based startups for the 4.0 industrial era. Its webinar’s theme was “Fundamental Matters in Developing Businesses amid Pandemic Era”. This theme was chosen to give deeper understanding and strategies required by the founders to run their startups. The event was virtually held on Wednesday (7/14) with guests such as Erik Hormein (Head of Investment of BRI Ventures), Lucas Nawawi (Founder and CEO of Artee Group), Richie Wirjan (VP Investment of Kejora-SBI Orbit), and Yonas Yasahardja (Head of Event and Marketing Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development of Sinar Mas Land).

“Our collaboration with Teman Startup is aligned with the government’s attempt to support the growth of local technology-based startups’ businesses ecosystem. The collaboration programs hopefully can bring opportunities for the startups to create digital transformation. We hope StartHub, as an online training for the digital community and startups alike, will receive a warm welcome and benefit the public well,” says Chief of Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development of Sinar Mas Land Irawan Harahap. He hoped this event would allow the startup founders to start innovating so their companies’ technology and business models would thrive.

CEO and Co-Founder of Teman Startup Leivino Krisdeni said there are numerous growing startups nowadays that have become big companies. Their development usually relies on technology to support business growth and prioritizes new ideas more, as well as gives concrete solutions to the customers’ problems. “Because, other than ideas and business capital, developing a startup also takes knowledge on theories of how to run a business. We thus conduct this event, StartHub, as a platform for the entrepreneurs to learn about how to begin or develop a startup.”

StartHub was presented by Teman Startup for two months to provide the startup founders or startup activists with applicable knowledge. This event ran for two months from July 8 to September 3, 2021, on various platforms such as webinar, Instagram live, Spotify podcast, YouTube, and TikTok. The webinar had four segments discussing topics on Startups, Product, Marketing, and Fundraising necessary for the creativepreneurs to develop a startup.

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