Sinar Mas Land believes that every aspect of elements that can protect the environment must be implemented. In helping the earth, we also involve employees and residents in BSD to take part in the implementation of Green Habit. Green habit consists of 2 series, namely the first series (Green Habit 1.0) about energy and water saving and the second series (Green Habit 2.0) about less plastic. Green Habit 1.0 is implemented in buildings owned by Sinarmas land. Likewise for Green Habit 2.0, but this series also involved residents in BSD along with Tzu Chi Foundation in Indonesia.

We also will develop this program with 3 new series, namely Green Habit 3.0 (Biopores System), Green Habit 4.0 (Renewable Energy), and Green Habit 5.0 (Transportation).

  • Green Habit 1.0 (Energy and Water Saving)
  • Green Habit 1.0 has a focus on building residents to love the environment more by saving energy and water.

    This campaign was implemented for all buildings owned by Sinar Mas Land and This campaign was implemented for all buildings owned by Sinar Mas Land and proven by successfully winning the Subroto National and ASEAN Energy Saving awards. We also have recycled water from rainwater and used water which is then treated and made to watering plants and flushing for toilets.

  • Green Habit 2.0 (Less Plastic)
  • Plastic is one of the environmental problems that has killed many sea creatures. In addition, plastic also cannot be decomposed in the soil so that it is detrimental to the environment. As an environmentally friendly company, Sinar Mas Land created this campaign to encourage the community and its employees to use plastic wisely, such as plastic bottle, plastic bag, etc.

    The campaign also has a joint program with the Tzu Chi Foundation to teach BSD residents how to sort plastic waste.